Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Who knew that paper and card could produce a typewriter !!

Its a friend's birthday tomorrow, she works in the office where I work , what other gift box would you give but a trusty vintage typewriter.  I cranked up the Silhouette Cameo and cut the pieces required to make this project. 

It takes time and a bit of concentration as you have to line up and glue correctly to let the typewriters shape to form.

I added my own sentiment to look like it had been freshly typed on ther and voila!  a gift box which  you cannot buy in the shops.  Thats the beauty of handmade, creating projects you cannot buy anywhere else.

I hope she loves it.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Good Morning everyone !!  Thank goodness its not raining !!  Yesterday I had prepped my front garden for the stone delivery this morning and had wanted some greenery. This is what I found, I call it Hedge in a box, its actually artificial ivy screening, but hey it gives you instant greenery and has cheered my garden up no end.


Started potting and placed these little cuties on my hedge !!  Cant wait for stones today.

Will be sure to keep you updated.