Friday, 26 February 2010

Buttons buttons buttons

Building up my button stock to make button brooches, will be starting very soon. pics to follow.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A little closer, cant fit it all in close up I'm afraid.
Loved making this, cant wait to start the next one.


After a week looking for buttons, I've decided its like pulling teeth. I ended up paying over 13 pounds for 280 gingham buttons for my button brooch making. Clear large buttons seem to be very elusive.
A friend started my button collection off with an assortment of buttons which will come in really useful.
As is ever I wished I lived in The United States, I'm sure they dont have this problem. I get so many crafting this from the States I may aswell live there.
My friends and people in the UK havent a clue when I talk about Primitive or grubby candles, i think they just grasp Shabby chic, oh we are so behind in the UK!!!

I finished a Dream mini banner this week which I'm delighted with as its turned out so pretty. please see pics and let me know what you think.