Friday, 14 February 2014

Up with the lark at 4.30 and crafting by 5am !!

This morning I have been finishing an altered book filing system for a birthday gift, and started on glittering up a bottle of wine after trialling what worked best a few days ago.    I have coated the first coat with pva glue and used holographic glitter flakes which are a lot bigger than fine glitter , think I will need another coat and then a final seal so that everything stays in place.  Will also frame the label with rhinestones.

Its a perfect way to make a bottle of wine a little bit more of an exciting gift than just popping it in a wine bag.

You need to allow a couple of days before giving your gift as you will glitter, dry,  recoat and seal and then leave for 24 hours to totally dry.

Picture later xx

Featured in a Craft Magazine

Was thrilled to open my craft magazine and find out I was featured on their letters page after they had asked for people to mail in a recent project they had done and here it is my altered book/filing system.

Recent Signing of books at BIG GIRLS BAD NIGHT OUT in Preston at the County Hall.

An evening with 2 of my favourite authors Kimberley Chambers and Mandasue Heller, they taked about their new booksd, did a question and answer session, and were 2 of the most down to earth women I have ever met.  After that of course I got my books signed.  RESPECT and PAYBACK  .

Negleted blog

So sorry , life has been so busy and I really have negled and forgotton I had a blog, it only jogged my memory when an application I am filling in asked for my blog address , and that jolted my memory that I do actually have a blog, so watch here, am going to update with a few projects for you.

This is a mini book I created for someones birthday, just showing the different tags and pullouts.